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Raechele McMahan Edwards

Growing up with meager means and surviving cancer affected me in a way that I knew one day I would find a way to give back and help those with less not feel different or ostracized by society.

I grew up in a middle-class family with strong family values. We lived frugally.  At elementary school, classmates would tease me for wearing clothes from K-Mart.  I didn’t notice a difference, but kids can be cruel especially in Palm Beach County where most were from wealthy families. When I realized other children were being picked on for not having as much I vowed that I would help the less fortunate.

At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. My prognosis was unclear and included an arduous treatment plan of chemotherapy and radiation. While at the hospital, I noticed the positive affect that a granted wish, a teddy bear or a game to play while getting infusion made for patients around me. These things made me feel better too and I am certain they led to a better outcome for me . . . . beating cancer.

Blessed with my health, a loving family and the ability to bring sunshine to those in need, my husband Justin and I started the Rae of Sunshine Foundation in 2015.  Our foundation is dedicated to helping children and families in our community who through no fault of their own are struggling due to illness, or financial issues. Often, they are one in the same.

Areas supported by Rae of Sunshine:

Paying medical bills

Coordinating sources for support for family medical assistance

Providing clothing and household items

Underwriting school fees for outings and peer activities

Furnishing supplies and support for disadvantaged children and foster youth

We invite you to join us in continuing our work to brighten the day of a child or family.  Please click on the Get Involved tab to find ways to support our mission.

"Hope is like the sun, which, as the journey toward it, cats the shadow of burden behind us.” - Samuel Smiles

"Sunshine is nature's hug and spirit breath to the earth.” - Terri Guillemets



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Donate to the Rae of Sunshine Foundation today and make the difference in a precious child’s life.